• Q:What is Allsportscourts website?

    س: ماهو موقع حجوزات كل الملاعب؟

    All sports courts is an online booking system for Football, basket, tennis and other courts, and it is available as a website and as an App. Our system is designed to let the players check the courts online and help them chose the most convenient court depending on the players needs then book it online. At the same time it lets the courts owners to add their courts to the system and post their offers and happy hours, you only need to register to our service and you can enjoy your game.

  • Q:Is it required to pay anything to confirm the reservations?

    س: هل يتوجب القيام بدفع أي رسوم لتأكيد الحجز؟

    No payments are required to confirm the reservations just book the court and wait for the confirmation email with the pin code inside it, and then you can pay after you enjoy the game.

  • Q:How can i register to Allsportscourts?

    س: كيف يمكنني إنشاء حساب على موقع حجوزات كل الملاعب؟

    1. If you are a player go to the “players” page in the upright corner and click on the register tab then submit the required info and follow the instructions given to you.


    1. If you are a court owner go to bottom of the page and enter into “courts owners” page then click on the register tab and submit the required info about your courts and follow the instruction.


  • Q:I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

    س: لقد نسيت كلمة السر الخاصة بحسابي. ماذا يجب أن أفعل؟

    Go to login tab in (players/courts owners) page then click on "forgot password?" then submit your account's email and follow the steps.

  • Q:Can I change my password or email address?

    س: هل يمكنني تغيير كلمة السر أو البريد الالكتروني الخاص بي؟

    Yes you can do this from your profile section whether you are a player or a court owner

  • Q:As players what are the benefits of registering into Allsportscourts website/App?

    س: بصفتي لاعباً ما هي ميزات إنشاء حساب على موقع او تطبيق حجوزات كل الملاعب؟

    As a player you will get the ability to

    • Book the court you want online and get confirmation letter.

    • Rate the courts based on your personal experience with them and submit reviews..

    • Plan a game and send invitations messages to your friends to participate.

    • Add the courts you like to your favorites list and follow all their updates.

  • Q:How can I see how much the court will cost?

    س: كيف يمكنني معرفة تكلفة الملعب؟

    Once you've entered your search parameters like date, time and the sport type a list of available courts will be shown with the pricing next to each court, and you can chose a certain court to see more information.

  • Q:Where can I find the court information, contact numbers and images?

    س: أين يمكنني إيجاد معلومات الملعب، أرقام الاتصال والصور؟

    Each court has private page that shows all the needed information like Pricing, phone numbers, location, images and many more information.

  • Q:As a player how can i see others reviews and submit my own review and rating?

    س: بصفتي لاعباً كيف يمكننب رؤية آراء اللاعبين الأخرين وإعطاء رأيي وتصنيفي الخاص؟

    you must register to allsportscourts and then login to your account from the “players” page using your account info after that go to a court of your choice and click on "write a review" tab then write your review.

  • Q:How can i reserve a specific court?

    س: كيف يمكنني حجز ملعب معين؟

    First you need to register to our website or App, then search throughout the courts and chose the one you want with the preferred date and time then click on the booking button, no need for online payments to confirm your reservation, you pay at the court after you enjoy the game.

  • Q:How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

    س: كيف يمكنني معرفة أنه تم تأكيد الحجز الخاص بي؟

    As soon as you've completed the booking process a confirmation letter will appear. We also email a copy of this confirmation to you. Your confirmation includes all of your reservation details, as well as a booking number and your PIN code. Your booking number and PIN code will only be needed in case any contradiction happens. You can also access your confirmation online by signing in to your account to see the details of your reservation, or make changes to your booking before 24 hours from the reservation date. If you don’t have an account, you can start by creating one here.

  • Q:What is my PIN code and what do I need it for?

    س: ما هو رمز الحجز (رمز البين) ولماذا أحتاجه؟

    Your PIN code is the 4-digit number on your booking confirmation letter, which along with your booking number can prove your reservation in case any problem occurs.

  • Q:Can I cancel or change my reservation through all sports courts?

    س: هل يمكنني إلغاء أو تغيير الحجز من خلال حجوزات كل الملاعب؟

    Yes, it’s easy. You can cancel or change your booking by signing in to your account but you need to do so before 24 hours from the reservation date. If you don't have an account, you can create one here.

  • Q:As court owner What are the benefits of registering into allsportscourts website?

    س: بصقتي صاحب ملعب ماهي فوائد إنشاء حساب على موقع حجوزات كل الملاعب؟

    As a court owner some of the benefits you will get are

    • Specialized private page to show the feature of your courts.

    • The Ability to confirm the online reservations made by the players.

    • The Ability to check players reviews and rating.

    • The Ability to add:

      • Videos and pictures of your courts.

      • Special offers and happy hours.

      • Your courts Geolocation and contact info to make it easier to find.

      • News, events and tournaments..

      • Different branches to your court.

  • Q:I am a court owner, How can i add my courts?

    س: بصفتي صاحب ملعب، كيف يمكنني إضافة ملاعبي؟

    After you register to All sports courts go to the “courts owners” page and chose login tab then enter your username and password and you will be redirected to a page where you can add your courts info like name, photo, address, geolocation and lot more.